Juvenile Law

Attorney Jason Vaughn was assigned as a School Resource Officer in New Hanover County for 5 years and was elected to the regional representative position of the North Carolina School Resource Officers Association. We believe that a mistake made as a juvenile shouldn’t ruin a promising future. We understand what juvenile court judges expect to see in an effective defense. We haveHandcuffed_Teen earned respect and a reputation for integrity among prosecutors, judges and court officials and are able to work closely together to fight for the best possible outcome for your child, including finding options such as community service and alternative programs that don’t include court-imposed obligations or jail.

We can handle your child’s defense against any charge, including:

  • School disciplinary and long term suspension hearings
  • Assault, violent crime
  • Gang-related crime, minor charged as adult
  • Sexual assault
  • Drug charges
  • DWI defense, minor in possession of alcohol
  • Theft, stolen property
  • ID theft, check forgery
  • Computer crimes
  • Traffic violations

If your child or teen has gotten into trouble and requires a lawyer, contact Attorney Jason Vaughn’s Wilmington Office (910) 397-7979. Don’t let a charge of shoplifting, theft, assault or even drug possession affect your juvenile’s future. Call our office today.

If your child was sent home from school by for a drug charge, we can help. If the charge was assault or theft call us immediately. Your child’s future is at stake, let us advise you to the best legal outcome for your juvenile.

Department of Social Services (DSS) Matters:

If DSS has filed a petition alleging that you or another parent have neglected your child, contact one of our attorneys today.  Bein separated from your child in a time of crisis is one of the most upsetting experiences a parent can go through.  Our firm will work with you to resove the issues that the Department of Social Services has claimed and ensure your constitutional right to parent is not infringed upon.  Call one of our attonreys today at (910) 397-7979.